The Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion weekend went really well! Our super boys and girls did booked great shows including TAI, ODIVI, Chatty, DUSNI3, Simple and the greatest Jakub Polanka! For more pictures and the backstage visit our Facebook page at:


SuperTomas and SuperAndrey rocking in Paris!

SuperTomas at Walter Van Beirendonck
                                                                                                                                                       SuperAndrey at Phillip Lim
                                                                                                                                                        SuperAndrey at Hermés


SuperTomas through the lens of David Macgillivray.


Check the latest Paris shows. Check the trends. Check the first rows…and of course check our SuperBoys! With love and passion for fashion from our SuperTomas and SuperAndrey!

SuperAndrey @ Dior Homme

SuperAndrey @ Kolor

SuperTomas opening @ Walter van Beirendonck

SuperTomas @ Walter van Beirendonck

SuperAndrey @ Viktor & Rolf Monsieur

SuperAndrey @ Viktor & Rolf Monsieur

SuperTomas @ Lanvin

SuperAndrey @ Phillip Lim


German high-class leather-manufacturing brand Braun Buffel choose our SuperTomas for this advertising campaign: congratulations, we are so proud! And our congratulations goes also to Braun Buffel- excellent taste!

Have a SUPERTRIP with SuperTomas…

How did you start modeling?

Well, I’ve been thinking about modeling from when I was 16 years old, someone told me that I should try. But I was a young boy from small industrial city in the east of Czech Republic, Ostrava. But then I moved to Prague for my studies and I thought: “This is the right time!” and I signed my contract with Supermoda. Then came my first trip to Singapore (it was actually on my names day but I was so excited because it was my first intercontinental flight that I completely forgot about it! :)

For how long have you been travelling?

I have been traveling for the last six months.

Tell us something about your recent 24hours trip to HK!

I went for a quick visit to my friends. Hong Kong is fascinating city, this city lives 24/7…I would say it is “the NYC of Asia”. I have not been to NYC yet but I imagine it like this…. :)

And who is your so called “Super-cast”?

My super-cast, Venus and Veronika, are friends that I met in Singapore, which I was looking forward to meet. It would be sad to make a trip alone!! Venus was actually born in HK so I was more than sure that I will be in good hands.) Veronika is from Ostrava as well, we are practically neighbors but we met for the first time in Singapore. It is a small world!

Any Super-tips for HK one-day trip?

Well, one day is actually not enough for HK. From what I heard from my friends there are plenty of things to do, all depends on what you like. We mostly walked around the town, had lunch and had a coffee. Oh, we went  to Times Square, did you know they have their own one?! In the evening we made sure to have a super-dinner and a party!

And what about the food?

Oh! Don’t ask! After six months traveling I really miss “my Czech food”, beef sirloin with cream sauce and schnitzel with potato salad! :D The European way of making “Chinese” or “Asian” food is different but is amazing to try the real-one. You can choose from approximately 150 types of soya sauces. But my first time in a supermarket was really confusing,  almost nothing is written in English, it took me time find “milk” for my oats! :)

Actors have some funny stories from the shootings as a model don’t you have any story to share?

Oh…of course I do, PLENTY! The most interesting was the shooting with artificial snow but from real ice. Literally everything was “melting on my feet” we had to be so quick. Let’s say sometimes a fashion shoot can be a real adventure…!