SUPERANDREY in "Dream The World Awake" by Walter Van Beirendonck

The place we’re all afraid to go…

A memory – an abstract noun, a very concrete feeling. A memory – a slippery slope. You never know where looking back is going to bring you, and you never know who you’re going to meet. Sometimes, it might be pleasant and make you happy. Sometimes, it might make you regret. But as dangerous as our memories are, we keep them and cherish them as our own treasures.

Just as our memories are mysterious and fascinating, so is the new book of Walter van Beirendonck, the creator who was not only courageous enough to open Pandora’s box and look back, he had the guts to create a book out of it. The piece called Dream the World Awake illustrates his memories, the milestones of his work.

Therefore, we are more than happy that SUPERANDREY, or the “baby boy” as his sweater in the book says, is part of this amazing oeuvre. It’s brilliant. It truly is. Buy it, borrow it… Simply get it. You will definitely not regret.