SuperLukas is looking great in this Adidas Original by Neighborhood pictures! Sporty look suits him well!

Have a SUPERTRIP with SuperTomas…

How did you start modeling?

Well, I’ve been thinking about modeling from when I was 16 years old, someone told me that I should try. But I was a young boy from small industrial city in the east of Czech Republic, Ostrava. But then I moved to Prague for my studies and I thought: “This is the right time!” and I signed my contract with Supermoda. Then came my first trip to Singapore (it was actually on my names day but I was so excited because it was my first intercontinental flight that I completely forgot about it! :)

For how long have you been travelling?

I have been traveling for the last six months.

Tell us something about your recent 24hours trip to HK!

I went for a quick visit to my friends. Hong Kong is fascinating city, this city lives 24/7…I would say it is “the NYC of Asia”. I have not been to NYC yet but I imagine it like this…. :)

And who is your so called “Super-cast”?

My super-cast, Venus and Veronika, are friends that I met in Singapore, which I was looking forward to meet. It would be sad to make a trip alone!! Venus was actually born in HK so I was more than sure that I will be in good hands.) Veronika is from Ostrava as well, we are practically neighbors but we met for the first time in Singapore. It is a small world!

Any Super-tips for HK one-day trip?

Well, one day is actually not enough for HK. From what I heard from my friends there are plenty of things to do, all depends on what you like. We mostly walked around the town, had lunch and had a coffee. Oh, we went  to Times Square, did you know they have their own one?! In the evening we made sure to have a super-dinner and a party!

And what about the food?

Oh! Don’t ask! After six months traveling I really miss “my Czech food”, beef sirloin with cream sauce and schnitzel with potato salad! :D The European way of making “Chinese” or “Asian” food is different but is amazing to try the real-one. You can choose from approximately 150 types of soya sauces. But my first time in a supermarket was really confusing,  almost nothing is written in English, it took me time find “milk” for my oats! :)

Actors have some funny stories from the shootings as a model don’t you have any story to share?

Oh…of course I do, PLENTY! The most interesting was the shooting with artificial snow but from real ice. Literally everything was “melting on my feet” we had to be so quick. Let’s say sometimes a fashion shoot can be a real adventure…!