Like it or not, each photographer has his favorite model. That is the reality. Bruce Weber’s might just be SUPERFRANCIS. And that is really something to like.

One of the most respected fashion photographers, Bruce Weber, was not a child like any other. “After school, when most of the kids my age played football, I spent time listening, performing and singing soundtracks of the latest Broadway hits,” he admits. Therefore, it must have been his dream-come-true moment when Marilyn Wick and her daughter Kimberly opened the door of their Costume World and he could shoot one of the five videos made specially for the December issue of Vogue Spain.

SUPERFRANCIS, our charismatic boy with unforgettable features in his face, was one of the lucky models who could enter with Bruce into this costume shop housing some of the most beautiful costumes in Broadway history that have been collected for more than twelve years.

The song accompanying the video says that when you are smiling, the whole world smiles with you. So just smile and enjoy the video shot in an ultimate wonderland!

Love Linda Vojtova

Come with us behind the scene and see how was the shooting for SUPERLINDA’s first jewelry line!

We hear and read about it everywhere. A model turned actor turned singer turned designer… When the model reaches the top, there is no wonder he or she wants to try something new, a new challenge. And as SUPERLINDA has been on the top for a while, she decided to launch her own collection of jewelry under the Love Universe brand.

The collection – called Love Linda Vojtova – contains about sixty pieces of rings, earrings, bracelets and charms made of silver, diamonds, colored stones and precious metals. Of course, the inspiration was love. The love she has for her doggy, that is. No one should be therefore surprised to find the bone-shaped pieces and the dog paws in the collection.

Why accessories? “I always try to be a little bit fashionable even if I’m just going grocery shopping or walking the dog,” explains SUPERLINDA, “I love when you can dress something down and dress it up by just putting on a belt or different accessories.” Funny, yet elegant, the collection might have a friend soon, as SUPERLINDA adds that she would love to design watches too.

Let’s hope this dream will come true as well very soon. Meanwhile, have a look at the charming video documenting the photo shoot!

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Interview with SUPERVALI

Ladies and gentlemen, meet SUPERVALI…

His name – Valeriu – supposedly means healthy and strong. That is exactly what he is. And funny and smart if we could add something on the list. When SUPERVALI came from Bucharest to see us in Prague, we were enchanted not only by his appearance (he is a model, after all), but also by his sense of humor, intellect and dreams. We immediately knew we would have to show you more than just his pretty pictures. We knew we would have to do an interview with him. And so we did…

What are you wearing now?
It is very simple, just blue jeans and a grey T-shirt.

Is that what your style is? Simple?
Well, I have moments when I want to dress a little bit more, but in general, yes, it is simple. As long as it looks nice and fashionable.

Does that mean that you like to overdress from time to time?
Yes, but it is not in particular situations, it is just when I feel like doing it. I think it is subconscious, like when I want to draw attention without thinking about it, I guess.

Not only you work in fashion, you enjoy it too. When did you first realize that you like it?
It was when I started modeling and traveling and interacting with people working in the fashion industry. Then I realized I paid more and more attention to details and I found it interesting. The passion just came.

And how does this passion demonstrate?
In the clothes I buy, which are not always designer pieces. For me, the way you combine clothes and how they look together as a whole is important. Moreover, I give advices to my friends who ask for it because they feel like I am closer to the world of fashion than them.

They say we should not judge a book by its cover. What do you think about this saying?
I agree. For example, I find education and reading very important, being informed in more aspects of life. I personally gave a lot of importance to education.

So being informed equals inner beauty?
I do not judge people by their look, I need to spend more time with them to have an opinion. You can see the inner beauty by the way they talk, in their eyes. For me, the inner beauty comes out and can improve the way you are. Actually, without the inner beauty, a person cannot be attractive at all.

What do you find attractive?
The most important is personality, both when it comes to relationship and friends. The look is really not that important, as long as the personality is great and we have things to talk about. It is about that certain compatibility.

When it comes to personality of people working in the fashion industry, people have tendency to think that they are superficial and fake. What do you think about that?
I do not think it is true. At first glance, it might seem so, but I think that people working in that industry just do not like to show their emotions so much…

Why not?
Because if everybody showed their emotions at first, in this business, they would be very vulnerable in many aspects.

So you think that it is better to put on the most beautiful smile and keep bad emotions for home?
Well, some prefer to do it like that. I show my emotions all the time and I know some other people could see their opportunity in it. But again, it can bring something good too, it creates friendships with other persons. I am like that. I do not think I can change that. Even though I would like to be cooler sometimes.

Do you see yourself in this industry forever?
I enjoy being a model very much, but I know I am not going to do this forever. My dream is to become an actor. I love acting. I have loved it since I was a kid. I would like to fulfill this dream soon. You just have to follow the right path and do not give up on the first thing that goes wrong. You have to keep on going…

As we were more than curious to see SUPERVALI in front of a camera, we asked him to make a little video from Bucharest. And let us say… Man, does he have a talent!

Cinematography: SUPERVALI & friends
Starring: SUPERVALI & a random dancing hobo


Fall can be so depressive that many of us need a therapy. A fashion therapy, that is.

As far as we are concerned, November is a month of struggles. At best, we struggle with adverse weather on our way to stores which are full of Christmas decorations even though Halloween was just yesterday. At worst, we suffer from splitting headache caused partly by these decorations. We have not even found the right coat and shoes yet and we are supposed to spend our time and money on Christmas presents? How depressing! Not to mention other problems this time brings along…

No wonder one needs help. You can either go for a therapy, or – more easily – try a therapy in the form of reading a fashion magazine. The current issue of Czech ELLE can be very helpful. Speaking more precisely, its special ELLE MEN edition can. If you are a man, you will appreciate all the perfect fall looks that might help you find the perfect look for you. If you are a woman, you can take them as an inspiration for Christmas presents. What more can we say? Help yourself, get one issue for you.

Oh, and did we mention that three of our boys, SUPERKRYSTOF, SUPERMATUS & SUPERSEBI, are the therapists? Well, they are. And they are damn good.