SUPER 2012!

New Year’s Eve is coming, yay, everybody celebrate! Or not…

How come everybody is so thrilled about New Year’s Eve when it is the time of the year when you are downright forced to look back at what you did and did not, and to at least try to make up for it through some silly and most likely unreachable resolutions? Because what is the point of celebrating the end of the year and the beginning of the new one if you have nothing to change or nothing to wish for?

Therefore, let us ask you a favor. Since we are supercurious, we would love to be inspired by your resolutions and wishes. Write us to what do you want to change and what do you wish for. The best resolutions will be published as the first blog entry of 2012. Your time is running…




Get inspired for the upcoming spring and summer. Just because it is not even Christmas does not mean it is not high time!

Every season, Prada takes us to a place that is as marvelous as the pieces themselves. This time, it was an industrial-like location in Tokyo Bay which turned out to be the best place to present the colorful collection for spring and summer 2012.That is because Miuccia’s designs too never fail to include sharp contrasts, the difference between wearable and unwearable, between the world of fantasy and reality.

As fashion reporter Tim Blanks aptly pointed, Miuccia Prada – known for being inspired by things she hates – most certainly is not a huge fan of golf. Her latest collection for spring/summer 2012 is the proof. You can simply love it or not, you can consider it wearable or not, but it is out there, and it is rather astonishing.

SUPERANDREY at Prada 2012 S/S Fashion Show Tokyo

And to our great joy, SUPERANDREY was one of the models who walked the runway during the evening of Tuesday December 6th, during the biggest event this Italian brand ever held in Japan. Find him in the video wearing one of the outfits that are so incredible, yet so hard to describe.

SUPERANDREY by Mark Jacobson

From time to time, there is nothing better than forget about everything and just breathe the nice breeze deeply. You can always have summer, after all…

Almost unbearable lightness of being embodied by SUPERANDREY forces us to recall those hot summer days when the fresh breeze was the only thing blowing our minds, the moments of pure joy when there was nothing to think about, nothing to say, nothing to do, but rejoice. These memories – one by one, just as the waves – are somehow cooling us down. But have we ever really felt this, or is it all just a dream?

Use this dreamy video made by Mark Jacobson as your medicine whenever you feel blue. It is a perfect refuge beyond time and space.

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