The Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion weekend went really well! Our super boys and girls did booked great shows including TAI, ODIVI, Chatty, DUSNI3, Simple and the greatest Jakub Polanka! For more pictures and the backstage visit our Facebook page at:


Isn’t she just stunning?


There is only one Remoska cooker…and there is only one SUPERSYLVIE!

We are proud. SuperSylvie is the face and the main star of the new campaign of the most famous czech kitchen invention…well I will say the major invention after contact lenses. Thumbs-up if you like cooking as we do and if you like Sylvie so much as we do.)


Cute and sweet- apparently. But there are many faces of SuperSylvie, because let’s face it: she is talented!

So this is her, our Super-cute Sylvie. Her favorite fruit is peach, she loves vanilla ice-cream and turquoise color. She would choose Madonna instead of Lady Gaga and prefers skirts, not jeans. She loves sports and animals, actually, she loves lions! And of course…she loves to be a model!

Pictures by Irena Markovic and Nicole Kotrbova