SUPERANDREY during the Milan fashion week FW 2012/2013

The Milan Fashion Week is over. Don’t cry. After all, you finally have time to cool off and go through the shows again!

As the last collection in Milan was over, fashionistas all around the world could finally do what they love the best – sit down, cool off, go back to all the wonderful work presented, and think about it. And if you think about it, there was this one idea that created some kind of a texture between all the shows. This je ne sais quoi all the designers every season seem to agree on. This season, it was the idea of a perfect gentleman.

Be it the A-line cuts of Neil Barrett, the mixture of a higher class look and the workers’ outfits as seen in the Iceberg collection, the Moschino formal pieces contrasting with a little bit more relaxed and bohemian ones of Costume National, or Hardy Amies, the brand that was not afraid to add a touch of glamour, gentlemen ruled the city. Even with owls and foxes on their Burberry Prorsum knitwear.

The biggest surprise, nevertheless, prepared Prada. The show brought us right in front of the red carpet, literally, with the red-carpet celebrities. Gary Oldman, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Jamie Bell. They rocked the house. But Miuccia’s purpose was not to show a perfect gentlemen. It was to make a parody of him. And with the formal pieces cut from denim, she succeeded brilliantly.

Finally, there was also something else that connected all the shows mentioned above. Or, properly put, someone. SUPERANDREY, walking all these shows, became a perfect gentleman himself and made us stare. Actually, he let us everything but cool off.