As autumn comes and sun goes a bit down, sometimes happens, that it could be a bit more difficult to just jump out of your warm bed and start a new day… Especially when you see clouds above your head and only thing which seems to make you a bit happier is really good cup of coffee from your favorite café, picked every morning on your way to work… We all know this feeling and it might be just Tuesday and still you are just dreaming about going somewhere far from all your responsibilities and to-do-lists… What could be better than calm country side with no one around? Cancel all your weekend plans with friends and just take your car and drive…. Don’t forget to pack all new cozy pieces which just arrived to all the shops… For that, SuperZlata’s new fashion story for Harper’s Bazaar will help! Because you never know what might happen!

PS: Personally we are putting every single piece from this editorial to our wishlist! We are more than in love!


September issue of Harper’s Bazaar is starring amazing SuperZlata! September is as we all know very well a month, when we need some change… but… why not to stick to something we really love? Let’s go back to the essential cuts and combine them with statement pieces!



Congratulations, SuperZlata for amazing cover of Harper’s Bazaar!


SuperNuka and her new sexy and at the same time romantic fashion story for Harper’s Bazaar!


Fabulous Zlata in a new editorial for Harper’s Bazaar delightfully inspired by the Great Gatsby.


The moonlight shines on SuperKiki in this amazing editorial!


Totally Glamour! With love from SuperMaria!


Fabulous title for this charming classy jewel editorial: “The Art of Jewels.” Pure eye-candy!