Our beautiful SUPERKLARA now features in fashion editorial for ON AIR Magazine.
Isn’t she just awesome?


SUPERPATRIK just dropped amazing fashion story for 1626 Magazine.
This editorial is focused on gender and let’s be honest… Isn’t unisex clothing the most fun thing to do?
We are all about layers and the fun, which fashion brings…


Cute & beautiful SUPERMARINA shot for BANG BANG FLOWER & GUN!


Get inspired and get your perfect coat for this season with our SUPERPAULIUS in Neighbor Magazine!


Retro is back! What an interesting concept of a fashion story!
SUPERHANA is looking so fresh and fashionable in this retro look, we are absolutely loving it!
This editorial is featured in Celebration Magazine!


Our absolutely amazing SUPERFELIX has landed a new editorial for LIPS GARCON Magazine!
This unique face is making us really happy!

Keep rocking, we want to see more!


Here goes SUPERJONAS again! This time he featured in advertorial for DICKIES!


Extraordinary and special editorial featured in AVENUEL Magazine with our amazing SUPERHANA is to die for!
We love the combination of the single pictures which together create something totally new and different…
From the beauty shot through seventies to classical and aristocratic feeling!
Can’t say more than we are in truly amazed!!!


SUPERANDREY and his new editorial for BOLERO Magazine is full of elegance, classic shapes of the coats and we have to say,
that it makes us to look forward for the autumn again!
There is nothing more beautiful than your favorite city covered in fallen leaves, great coffee in your hand while going to work or wherever else
and of course… the unbeatable romance which is hidden in fresh air!
ANDREY is looking sharp and so handsome as always!


SUPERPETRA is starring in her new editorial “After the rain” & looks superpretty as usually !!!
Check it and get some ideas for colder, rainy days…

Who wouldn’t like to look like her… especially after the rain!
So let it rain and get stylish for it! Because even rain can be romantic and you never know who can save you with an umbrella… isn’t it?