If you need to get inspired in a classic way…

Timeless classic shapes inspired by the most famous collections. Modern classics. Starring: SuperKiki.


Fall can be so depressive that many of us need a therapy. A fashion therapy, that is.

As far as we are concerned, November is a month of struggles. At best, we struggle with adverse weather on our way to stores which are full of Christmas decorations even though Halloween was just yesterday. At worst, we suffer from splitting headache caused partly by these decorations. We have not even found the right coat and shoes yet and we are supposed to spend our time and money on Christmas presents? How depressing! Not to mention other problems this time brings along…

No wonder one needs help. You can either go for a therapy, or – more easily – try a therapy in the form of reading a fashion magazine. The current issue of Czech ELLE can be very helpful. Speaking more precisely, its special ELLE MEN edition can. If you are a man, you will appreciate all the perfect fall looks that might help you find the perfect look for you. If you are a woman, you can take them as an inspiration for Christmas presents. What more can we say? Help yourself, get one issue for you.

Oh, and did we mention that three of our boys, SUPERKRYSTOF, SUPERMATUS & SUPERSEBI, are the therapists? Well, they are. And they are damn good.

SUPERMARTINA in Harper's Bazaar

Welcome to the Garden of Eden and enjoy your time with sublime SUPERMARTINA.

Here in Prague, it is raining cats and dogs as this article is being written. Is this the end of summer or is it the end of the world? No one dares go outside. And yet, there is still one think making us feel warm – the editorial with our SUPERMARTINA that is to be found in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar Turkey.

These pictures, probably taken during one of those hot summer days we also once enjoyed, look soft, charming, and they immediately carried our minds away. They made us stop and they made us stare. It was this sheer fascination one experiences when watching a cigarette smoke magically rising up, creating something visually so unique that the rest of the world simply does not exist anymore.

SUPERMARTINA turned into this strong, yet very feminine woman dressed to the nines, giving us – the visitors of her Garden of Eden – a hard time as her poker face will never let us know what she really thinks.

Enough talking…

Have a look. Enjoy the beauty. Get carried away.


Fall calls for a warm coat. Find the one that suits you the best.

There comes a moment four times a year when – even though the calendar disagrees – you know something has changed. You know the new season has already begun. In case of fall, you can feel the air is chilly, you can see the light is soft, the city gets nice and, all of a sudden, you may find yourself surprisingly dreamy. And still, as beautiful as this season is, it can make you feel a bit lonely every now and then.

Ironically, fall’s beauty is best to be seen from somewhere indoor. It is too cold to go out, so why leave the house? The answer is obvious: Because we have to. No matter how rainy the weather is, no matter how cozy it feels to look out of the window with a hot cup in our hands. We simply have to work, we have to shop, and – most importantly and more than ever – we need someone’s company. Therefore, we also need something to warm us up while we walk down the street. We need a coat.

This season’s issue of Ten Men contains a charming editorial with SUPERANDREY that could help you find the right one. SUPERANDREY, walking down the street, hidden in huge coats, is an absolute inspiration. Prada, Dior Homme, Gucci… These coats look so lively you almost feel like walking right next to him in this colorful season, in these black and white pictures. That is the thing about fall – even though the trees are magically colorful, your days often get black and white. And just because of that, it is good not to forget that with the right coat, you can never be alone…